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Vamos relembrar o passado um pouquinho?

Beauty Care for Less Money is Possible - Cuidar da Beleza Gastando Menos é Possível

PORTUGUES ABAIXO As I've been saying here I am trying to find new products and at the same time try to make the world  a better place somehow. Unfortunately, sometimes be eco-friendly cost more and we are not always able to purchase those amazing eco-friendly products, isn't? Well, guys, I found out Bella Jade Botanicals , and they have an idea that I really like, they make effective, safe, eco-friendly, convenient and affordable products! I`ve been testing them and I am loving it! I got Antioxidant Facial Treatment Mask , Night Cream for Face & Eyes and Retinol Moisturizer and the results are, how can I say?! Amazing. And they have a Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee Return Policy However, if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, simply contact us for a full refund. To buy it you can just go into their website or click here TEXTO EM PORTUGUES Como venho dizendo aqui, estou tentando encontrar novos produtos e, ao mes

Sleep Deprivation and Routine - Rotina do Sono

PORTUGUES ABAIXO  I think self-esteem is something that everyone has, ones more them others. Women after giving birth, due to the hormones, sleep deprivation and etc has more variable self-esteem, could be way low sometimes. I suffered from that. And it was not because I was overweight, or because my skin was looking like teenager skin, or because my hair was a lot of days without to have any shampoo contact and etc, no. I suffered because I had no strength to take care of myself, and when I say that I didn't have the strength I mean it. I didn't even want to eat, not because I was sad, NO. I was extremely TIRED! For months all I wanted was to get some sleep, at a point where on my birthday I asked my husband 3h of sleep as a gift! I just got better when my baby started to have some sleep routine, and I will share somethings I did for starting to make her get into a routine. Remember I am not a doctor or sleep consultant. I am just a mom shari

Easier Beauty Routine - Rotina de Beleza Mais Fácil

PORTUGUÊS ABAIXO Korean beauty products are one of the best quality products in the market today everyone knows, that they are worth every penny invested in them, everyone also already knows. Now the news is that  Dewycel  has developed a product that is moisturizing, anti-aging, and also treat dark circles, and that can be used in the eye region and the whole face !!! I was curious and I went to test this miracle cream  😊  and I`ve been in love with the results and how practical is being to treat everything I need with single cream. Wich has left me more time on the agenda to enjoy the things that matter while taking care of my beauty. And to shop, this miracle time savior just  click here  and be even prettier and with more time :) Que os produtos de beleza coreanos têm uma qualidade incrível todos já sabem, que valem cada centavos investido neles, todos também já sabem. Agora a  Dewycel  desenvolveu um produto que promete hidratação, antirrugas, e trat

Take Your Time - Tire Tempo Para Você

FOR ENGLISH SCROLL DOWN Bom como todas 95% das pessoas adultas que conheço são pessoas com a vida super corrida e por este motivo ficam tensas, com a musculatura contraída, sentindo dores musculares e sem tempo de relaxar, eu descobrir uma forma prática que me usa 10 minutos do meu dia e tem tornado minha rotina bem mais tranquila. Tenho usado um massageador portátil, isso mesmo. Ligo na tomada já sentada na cama, sofá ou algo do tipo e deixo o massageador agindo enquanto término de ler algo, aplicar um creme, uma máscara, responder e-mail, fazer uma pesquisa em fim! O que mais gostei de saber é que o aparelho que possuo também tem a função de aquecer e pode ser usado para aliviar cólicas, eu não sabia mesmo! E claro que eu consegui desconto especial de 40% para quem for comprar até dia 30/04 usando o código 5KTYZ3PL e vocês ainda ganham 3 anos de garantia gratuitamente, basta após o recebimento enviar um e-mail para Para aproveitar todo

Be well, Do good. Seja bom, Faça o bem.

As I am getting  older  mature and time has made me become more conscious, and I caught myself hunting for ways to help improve the world in some way.  So, these days researching vitamins to help me keep my health balanced since I have a crazy scheduled life, I have to supplement, I found a product that I fell in love with and started to research more about so I would get to know more about and about the company and guess what! I loved. Do you know when you find that product you love, and that, more than anything, the company has a commitment to the environment and do something to make the world a better place? So Vitalibis is this type of company, with a commitment to the environment. The mission of the company is,  be good, do good . And they support non-profits that are already making an impact, whether in education, social action, or even government. What did I enjoy the most about them? It is the power to help restore the environment while consuming excell

Just GYV Back

PORTUGUES ABAIXO You know that days that you want just to have a very relaxing bath, with some very fragrant candles,  take care of yourself and to use a good moisturizer and feel beautiful?! So, I just have to say that for these days you NEED to try @justgyv products! Really you need. The smell of the fragrance I like the most is Limón, as you can see in the picture is already open haha, it is an amazing smell, and even after I have blown the candle off the smell continued in my bathroom. For those who are more sensitive to odors, they can try out some other fragrances, they have a lot and I loved them all. The creams are a show apart, the results are super moisturized skin, the skin absorbs very fast, doesn`t get all greasy and stays only the wonderful smell and softness that are characteristic of the brand that is  amazing! And the best above it all, above getting even prettier is that when you purchase  @justgyv  product you will automatically be helping