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Vamos relembrar o passado um pouquinho?

NYFW Behind The Scenes - NYFW Por Trás dos Bastidores

Have you ever felt vulnerable in a situation wherein a normal day you would take the bull by the horns? . I wasn't going to post about this day anymore after the way I felt, I mean I did my part and shared on stories so I did not have to. . But I wanted to let you know you are not alone, and we can`t diminish other`s people pain.  . This day was absolutely terrible, I was already feeling so bad.  . I've had the most distressing weekend due to much work and too little resting because everything was going wrong and I couldn't even have a relaxing shower. . And then a rodent showed up at my place and I have a phobia to rodents, I can't even think straight, and it was added to my plate making me lose my sleep completely. . But I had Work to Do! I am content creator, if a brand, a designer invites me to a place and I agree to go I will full fill my part and share it with my followers. . Well, I got invited to watch a very nice runway show from

NYFW - Different Perspective

Hi beauties!!! NYFW has finally arrived and I love it. But why do I say different perspectives??? Well, these days we are living has been all about empowering women, how we can be anything we want to and decide to. Let me tell what happened last season!!!! . While the whole organization was the most friendly in the world towards everyone including myself going with my toddler in a stroller, I received so so MANY bad looks from other participants, and believe you or not the majority of bad looks were from other women. . Many people didn`t care (what is just right, as is nobody business hahaha) but so many were staring at Brenda and I like we were from another planet!!!! . And I actually had one designer withdrawing the invite because I was bringing my kid to his Catwalk!!!!! . Anyway, we love the event because I love to gather all the fashion news and out this into our own style. . Now an observation, my kid LOVES these kinds of events, she actually watches it with