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Vamos relembrar o passado um pouquinho?

Derma and Jade Roller My Beauty Routine - Minha Rotina de Beleza

PORTUGÊS ABAIXO Since I know myself I`ve suffered from scars on my skin due to pimples and blackheads, and for that, I tried a lot of treatments such as all kinds of peelings even chemicals, I remember to have my face and neck skin peeling off for days, more than a week even. I always tried to make my skin better so I could feel more comfortable. Them when I first did a micro-needling treatment session, OMG I feel I Love with it, was the best result so far, it got my scars so better in just one the session got rid of some new lines and wrinkles it was like I found the best solution so far. Them I got pregnant and had to hold on facials for a time. Now that I am going back I researched how to get it done at home, and guess what?! Found what I was looking for, the Derma Roller for Face and Body and guess what, is great, and now I can already see the difference on my skin. What I do on my facial routine is I clean my entire face with my Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

Is Ok If You Can't Get It All Done! - Tudo Bem Se Não Der Conta De Tudo!

Português Abaixo. The Mothers Day week I got so overloaded and frustrated because I am a woman that usually gets things done and not being able made me so stressed I am usually very soft on everyone around me but myself, I am my biggest enemy I and realized it last week, when every time I tried to get some work done I felt like nothing was coming out to my brain. It was like my brain was frozen, like the blue screen from Windows, like I was overheated and had to get a break to cool down before return to use.  And it was just frustration on top of frustration and less and less productivity every time. So I stopped to think about what was happening and I realized that needed to get some break. And that is my advice to you, respect yourself too, respect your limits, remember you are just human. I know we usually need to do way more than we are able to, but believe me, your body also needs a break, your brain (if your work requires more critical thinking) also need

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Products - Produtos do Bem

PORTUGUES ABAIXO And here I come again hitting the key of products that bring some kind of benefit to the world :) Well, the Brand I will present to you guys is the Salt Way Botanicals is a brand that produces  wonderful products of beauty and personal care and 100% natural, handmade, vegan and cruelty-free The products I received were the  Salt Way Himalayan Salt Soap that promises to remove dead skin cells, decrease skin irritation, leaving skin smooth and soft, help in healing the skin, is antiseptic, and is great for all skin types and even help for those who suffer from dermatitis, and the Coconut Deodorant Stick Multi-Pack Travel Size  they are natural, organic, and non-toxic formula neutralizes odors and absorbs wetness without blocking sweat glands.  Unlike most deodorants, it’s 100% free from aluminum, baking soda, preservatives, alcohol, and synthetic ingredients. Great for anyone, any gender, and any age. Well, I'm loving it! If you want to know how

Curly, Straight Any Way - Cachos, Lisos, Como Quiser

PORTUGU ÊS ABAIXO The way you chose to style your hair is up to your mood too? Mine is. Depending on the day I feel like using very straight hair, with nothing going to the other way around, and there are some Days I rather be with beautiful curls. There's no problem in being whatever you want and whenever you want, on the opposite. The problem is that this can be very dangerous for your hair baby. Yes exactly what you read, you gotta choose carefully the tools you use to style your hair. Well, I found tools that style my hair and add shine, protect. Isn`t awesome? I use  The Miss Priss Flat Iron it styles my hair while Strengthens and increases shine with infrared technology and fight frizz. I also love for my curl days The Loud Mouth Curling Iron it styles me while Creates healthy, lasting curls and waves, add shine, strengthen hair and fights frizz. Great? Is not all, they have all the products for you to maintain the natural styled hair resu

My Hair Care - Meus Cuidados com Cabelos

PORTUGUES ABAIXO I use chemicals on my hair to keep them straight, which means I need to have extra care with them, so I often try products, not just so soften them up, but also to give them shine. So when I received the products from Novex  I couldn't be more excited as I already knew the brand and loved since I was living in Brazil. The ones I am using and loving know are the line The Powerful Charcoal  it purifies, protects while restoring your hair. How?  Keravis - increases hair strength.  The special composition allows it to penetrate through the cuticle of the hair, strengthening it from the inside out, at the same time as creating a protective shield. Hydrovance - Acts in hair fiber from the cuticle to the medulla. Hydrates strengthen, repairs, improves sensory, controls frizz & volume. Want to try them? Just visit their website  they have the product for all types of hair, from powerful curls to hair that need strength to grow.

Eco-Friendly Home Product - Produtos Ecologicamente Corretos

PORTUGUÊS ABAIXO I caught myself thinking, it's no use just changing the habits of personal care and beauty, we try to change as much as we can according to our conditions of course. With this in mind, I have been researching new things, beauty products, self-care product and now I found  Air Scense  a company that makes wonderful products to make your home cleaner and smelling great and they even have it in miniature version to carry in the bag! They rely on natural essential oils to neutralize—not mask—odors and leave behind a wonderfully fresh scent. you should try their plant-based air freshener and toilet pre-spray yourself and see why they've grown to become the #1 selling air freshener in the Naturals category. The scents are incredible and variable for every taste. To buy, just visit  Air Scense Have you ever tried? Which one is your favorite? . . . Eu me peguei pensando, não adianta só mudar os hábitos d